Jafar Adeli - Leicester

Pleaded Guilty To Attempting To Meet A Child (14) Following Sexual Grooming, Recieved 27 Months Custodial Sentence, 10 Years On The Sexual Offenders Register & Faces Possible Deportation More »

Peter Hyam - South Ockendon

Pleaded Guilty To Two Counts Of Arraging To Meet A Child For Sex & Making Indecent Images Of A Child, He Was Sentenced To 32 Months Custodial & 10 Years On The Sexual Offenders Register More »

James Stone - Nottingham

James Stone, 24, pleaded guilty to: • two counts of sexual assault with a child • one count of sexual activity with a child • two counts of possession of indecent photographs of a child • one count of possessing an extreme pornographic image, showing a sexual act between a human and an animal. More »

Terry Matthews - Leamington Spa

Convicted For Attempting To Meet A Child Following Sexual Grooming, Recieved A 13 Months Suspended Prison Sentence & Must Sign The Sex Offenders Register For 10 Years More »

Tom Watson - Leicester

Convicted For Attempting To Meet A Child Following Sexual Grooming, Recieved An 8 Month Suspended Sentence & Must Sign The Sex Offenders Register For 10 Years More »

Quisar Yousaf - Coventry

Convicted of 2 counts of arranging or facilitating the commission of a child sex offence. Sentenced To 12 months custodial & is to be deported. More »

Petr Juranek, Leicester

A man from the Czech Republic who sent sexually explicit images to what he believed to be a 14 year old girl has walked away from Leicester Crown Court today (3/3/16) with a 12 month sentence (suspended for 12 months), 5 years on the sex offenders register and barring list – DESPITE activly pursuing a child with sexual advances, indecent images & a video of himself masturbating. More »


Monthly Archives: January 2016

Man caught in anti-paedophile sting jailed after contacting fictitious girl online

A man caught in an anti-paedophile sting was jailed after contacting a fictitious 13-year-old girl online and sending her indecent photographs and messages.

Gareth Copson fell for the vigilante-style trap set by Leicestershire covert internet investigation group Letzgo Hunting.


Following the breakdown of a relationship he went online to meet someone.

He made contact with a girl called Lucy, claiming to be aged 18, on January 29 last year.

But it was a ploy, and Lucy did not exist, Leicester Crown Court was told.

Mary Prior, prosecuting, said: “On January 31 Lucy told the defendant she was just 13-years-old.”2cf5b4c8683b1831ef92938bb8a6469b

Instead of ending the contact, he messaged saying: “Pretty gutted ur only 13 ur quite fit.”

He went on to ask her sexual questions and sent her indecent photographs.

He then tried to persuade her to send him topless pictures, which she refused to do.

There was discussion about meeting but in the end he made an excuse and there was no rendezvous.

Copson (28), of Beatrice Road, Newfoundpool, Leicester, was jailed for eight months.

He admitted inciting a child to watch a sex act by sending indecent images of himself.

He also admitted inciting her to engage in sexual activity, via the internet.


Judge Ebraham Mooncey said: “You’re an intelligent man and you should have known better.

“A deterrent sentence has to be passed.

“This legislation is designed to protect children.

“You’ve shown in the traffic of messages you were ready and willing to explain the naivety of a child.

“Fortunately there was no real victim.

“Your reaction to learning she was 13 is where you fell down.”

Mrs Prior said the Letzgo Hunting campaigners handed over the incriminating online messages to the police which resulted in Copson’s arrest.

Vasanti Vaitha, mitigating, said: “He’s remorseful and ashamed of his actions.

“He went onto the website when he was at a low point following the breakup of a relationship.

“Online dating was a completely new experience and he initially thought he was speaking with an 18-year-old.

“He should have stopped when told she was 13 but he continued to engage with this person.

“Thankfully there wasn’t a real girl.”

There was never any intention to meet up, she said.

Copson had attended court with family and new partner, the court was told.

He was placed on a 10 year sexual harm prevention order and will have to ensure his address is on a sex offender register for the same period.