Would you like to help towards the remaining two Private Investigator Training Courses?

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We need to raise a total of £660 to cover the cost of our two remaining Private Investigator Training Courses, this will ensure we are working and investigating to the full extent of the law, it will also enable LGH team members to be called as Professional Witnesses in court.

So far we have raised £197 leaving us £463 short of the target for these courses.

if you wish to help, all you have to do is click below and make a donation, our website will update automatically once your donation is processed and the thermostat will rise.

How to donate:

You can either send a donation as a gift to or click here, the website will automatically detect your donation and amend accordingly – please note that sending as a gift will mean we do not incur paypal charges, if you use the donate link you will notice that the amount updated is slightly less than your donation.

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